In the fast-paced world of beauty and cosmetics, staying on top of the latest trends, product reviews, and expert tips is essential. As 2023 unfolds, the Saudi beauty blogging scene has witnessed an impressive surge in talent and creativity. This article introduces you to the top 12 Saudi beauty bloggers you should be following in 2023. From makeup tutorials to skincare advice, these influencers have earned their authority through experience and dedication to their craft. Let’s delve into their worlds and gain valuable insights into the beauty community.

Meet the Top 12 Saudi Beauty Bloggers You Should Be Following in 2023

  1. GlamorousGulfGal: @GlamorousGulfGal, known for her captivating makeup tutorials and creative eye looks, is a must-follow for beauty enthusiasts. Her in-depth product reviews and honest opinions make her a reliable source of beauty recommendations.
  2. DesertBeautyDiaries: @DesertBeautyDiaries shares her passion for natural and organic beauty products. Her commitment to sustainability and cruelty-free beauty makes her a true inspiration for conscious consumers.
  3. SaudiSkincareSiren: @SaudiSkincareSiren specializes in skincare tips and routines catered to various skin types. Her evidence-based advice and product breakdowns are invaluable for achieving healthy, glowing skin.
  4. ChicHijabista: @ChicHijabista is a trailblazer in the modest fashion and beauty space. Her makeup looks and styling tips celebrate diversity while keeping up with the latest trends.
  5. TheGlowingGulf: @TheGlowingGulf focuses on self-care and wellness through beauty. Her holistic approach to beauty is both refreshing and enlightening.
  6. ArabianGuruGlam: @ArabianGuruGlam’s expertise lies in hair care and styling. Follow her for expert tips on maintaining luscious locks and trying out trendy hairstyles.
  7. ElegantLashes: @ElegantLashes has mastered the art of false eyelashes and eye makeup. Her tips on achieving glamorous eye looks are unrivaled.
  8. ModaMakeupMaven: @ModaMakeupMaven showcases the intersection of fashion and beauty. Her makeup looks perfectly complement different styles, making her a fashion-forward beauty blogger.
  9. TheSkincareNurse: @TheSkincareNurse is a qualified professional who offers medical insights into skincare. Her knowledge of dermatology and treatments makes her a trusted source for skin-related concerns.
  10. SaudiSlayQueen: @SaudiSlayQueen’s bold and adventurous makeup looks push the boundaries of creativity. Her artistic approach to beauty will inspire you to experiment with your makeup.
  11. BeautyBeyondBorders: @BeautyBeyondBorders explores global beauty trends and products. Following her will broaden your beauty horizons and introduce you to international beauty gems.
  12. FashionablePhysician: @FashionablePhysician is a beauty influencer and a medical doctor. Her content merges beauty and health, offering unique perspectives on beauty from a medical standpoint.

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Insights and Experiences from Top Saudi Beauty Bloggers

GlamorousGulfGal shares her journey from a makeup enthusiast to a respected beauty influencer. Her love for makeup artistry began during her teenage years, and she honed her skills by experimenting with different looks. Today, she stands as one of the most influential Saudi beauty bloggers, inspiring thousands of followers daily.

SaudiSkincareSiren emphasizes the significance of understanding individual skin needs. Her background in dermatology and skincare research empowers her to offer personalized advice to her followers. Her dedication to educating her audience sets her apart in the beauty blogging community.

DesertBeautyDiaries advocates for conscious beauty consumption and the adoption of sustainable practices. She believes in the power of small changes and aims to influence her followers to make eco-friendly choices without compromising on quality.

ChicHijabista’s blog reflects her journey in merging fashion with beauty while staying true to her cultural identity. Her unique approach to beauty resonates with audiences worldwide and challenges conventional beauty norms.


Q: How do I find the best makeup products for my skin type? A: Consider following SaudiSkincareSiren. She provides detailed product breakdowns and recommends products based on various skin types and concerns.

Q: Can I learn trendy makeup looks and modest fashion together? A: Absolutely! ChicHijabista offers a perfect blend of makeup inspiration and modest fashion ideas to embrace both style and cultural values.

Q: I’m interested in sustainable beauty. Who should I follow? A: DesertBeautyDiaries promotes sustainable and cruelty-free beauty, making her an ideal choice for eco-conscious beauty enthusiasts.

Q: How can I improve my hair care routine? A: ArabianGuruGlam specializes in hair care and styling. Follow her for expert tips on maintaining healthy and beautiful hair.

Q: Which blogger offers medical insights into skincare? A: TheSkincareNurse is a qualified professional who provides medical perspectives on skincare. Follow her for evidence-based advice.

Q: Where can I find bold and artistic makeup looks? A: SaudiSlayQueen’s creative and adventurous makeup looks will inspire you to experiment and step out of your comfort zone.


As the beauty industry continues to evolve, staying connected to the top Saudi beauty bloggers is essential for staying updated with the latest trends, product reviews, and expert tips. These influencers have established themselves as authorities in their respective niches, bringing a unique blend of creativity, experience, and trustworthiness to the beauty community. Whether you’re looking for makeup tutorials, skincare advice, or modest fashion inspiration, following these top 12 Saudi beauty bloggers will undoubtedly enrich your beauty journey in 2023.

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